Vivo X50 Series Announced.

The Vivo X50 has a thickness of 7.49 mm, a weight of 173 grams, a battery capacity of 4200 mAh, a 55 ° curved screen with AMOLED material, a flexible COP process, and a chin thickness of 2.8 mm. The X50 Pro is larger in all aspects, the battery capacity is increased by 4315 mAh, and the thickness and weight are increased to 8.04 mm and 181.5 g.

The Vivo X50 series comes standard with 90Hz screen refresh rate, 180hz touch screen sampling rate, COP packaging process P3 full-color gamut AMOLED flexible screen, peak brightness 1300nit, equipped with HDR 10+ technology, supports enhanced game screen Hawkeye mode and LTM sunlight screen that reduces harmful blue light, Swiss SGS Eye Care Display certification, pamper your discerning eyes. Forward any live microblog, send a copy of the Vivo limited edition, and the one with the highest amount of forwarding plus an X50 Pro.

The Vivo X50 series brings four color schemes: liquid oxygen, lightweight, black mirror, and gravity. Liquid oxygen represents vitality and hope, shallowness represents haziness and beauty, the black mirror represents courage and sobriety, and gravity represents depth and order.

Vivo X50 Camera Setup

rear four-camera
48MP main camera (IMX598, F1 .6, OIS) + 8Mp super wide-angle (HI846) + 13Mp portrait (s5k3l6, 2X) + 5Mp macro (1.5cm focusing distance, 2Mp output)

front 32Mp (s5kgd1)

Vivo X50 Pro Camera Setup

rear four
shots : 48Mp main camera (IMX598, F1.6, micro-cloud platform) + 8Mp ultra-wide-angle (HI846) + 8Mp periscope telephoto (ov08a10, 5X) + 13Mp portrait (s5k3l6, 2X)

front 32Mp (s5kgd1)

The Vivo X50 Pro periscope telephoto lens can achieve 5 times optical zoom and 60 times digital zoom. The X50 series comes standard with a 50mm focal length standard portrait lens and a 120-degree ul)+13-megapixel (2X portrait) + 8-megapixel (60x zoom) four-camera module. Among them, the main camera IMX598 also cooperated with Sony to customize a professional Color Filter, which greatly improved the transmittance of the R / G / B channel, and the overall photosensitive performance was increased by about 10%.

The Vivo X50 series is equipped with ultra-clear repair function, which can repair old photos; at the same time, it can also realize the function of the document go to shadow and photo go to passerby in vivo album, allowing you to say goodbye to A, B, and D in the screen. Forward any live microblog, send a copy of the Vivo limited edition, and the one with the highest amount of forwarding plus an X50 Pro.

【Super performance】 Vivo X50 series is equipped with Vivo VEG energy guard technology to solve the problem of high power consumption caused by high refresh rate. At the same time, the Vivo X50 series has also received KPL extreme environmental testing to protect your X50 series performance lasting online. Vivo 33W fast charging accessories are also coming

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Vivo X50 Pro +

6.56-inch FHD + 120Hz refresh rate curved single-punch screen,

  • front 32MP,
  • rear 50MP Samsung GN1 super large bottom main camera OIS + 32MP portrait + 13MP ultra wide-angle + 13MP periscope super-telephoto, maximum output 100 million pixels, and 60x digital Zoom.
  • Snapdragon 865 chip,
  • 4350mAh + 44W fast charge.
  • There is a leather version, 8.8 / 9.4mm, 190g.

Vivo X50 Pro + uses the Samsung GN1 sensor, with 1 / 1.3 “super outsole and large pixel size, excellent performance in complex scenes with low light and light and dark conditions. X50 Pro + also has high-definition 100 million modes, ultra-clear painting Quality, shocking experience. Forward any live microblog, send a limited edition of Vivo around, the one with the highest forwarding volume plus one X50 Pro.

vivo X50 Pro + uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + X55 and supports SA & NSA. Based on ARM Cortex-A77 components and 7nm process, it supports LPDDR5 storage and provides strong support for image processing of professional imaging systems. X50 Pro + also supports 120Hz screen refresh rate and 240hz touch screen sampling rate, bringing delicate and smooth comfort. Forward any live microblog, send a copy of the vivo limited edition, and the one with the highest amount of forwarding plus a X50 Pro.

Vivo X50 series price announced.

Vivo X50 – ¥3498
Vivo X50 Pro – ¥4298
Vivo X50 Pro Plus – ¥4998

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