USB C & Everything You Need to Know.

There are a bunch of different new ports out there that you might have seen. But these seem to be the questions many people ask online about USB C ;

  • Is USC C the new standard?
  • Is USB C same as lightening?
  • What Phones use USB Type C
  • Does Apple use USB C?

From HDMI 2.0 display port, thunderbolt and lightning all pioneered by different manufacturers because they all have different purposes or are built to do different things. Thunderbolt for example designed by Intel and made specifically to attach peripherals to a computer. Lightning is designed by Apple. Made specifically to charge and connect low power accessories like the iPhone and iPad and seemingly out of nowhere, we get this USB C. It seems like just another new port but the key to it, is the U, It’s universal. USB can be used by anyone, anywhere. It is not proprietary and that’s why pretty much every Android phone you see out there has a USB port of some kind.

image: USB C Cable

USB C is USB 3.1 and you have probably seen a computer with USB 2.0 ports. Those are everywhere and over the past couple of years, we’ve seen more. These USB 3.0 ports are the super speed ones that usually have blue on the inside. Now USB 3.1 is a smaller type C connector to the port.

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USB 2.0 and 3.0 come in the form of full-size USB but also micro USB and mini USB and other versions. USB 3.1 is just one tiny port. so you have it in laptops, we have it in computers and tablets and smartphones and monitors pretty much everything can use this tiny port.

So how is USB C better than the previous versions.

  1. It is smaller and thinner. so a can fit in the fineness of the thin devices along with all the thick normal sized ones.
  2. it’s super versatile. it can carry up to a 100 W of power so you can charge full-size electronics and they can carry data at up to 10 gigabits per second which is a super high data transfer rate. You can run a 4K monitor on this, you can run a super-fast SSD raid into something off of this. It’s very fast and very powerful.
  3. it’s backwards compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 and it’s reversible. So you can plug it in the right way the first time every single time.

USB C is not meant to connect a lot of peripherals to them and if you do want to, you’ll need adapters. USB adapters for now but in the future machines that are meant to be more powerful will have many more USB C ports. Expect to see this port is not only a bunch of laptops but a bunch of tablets and future smartphones and basically anywhere.

image: Type C Adaptor

We’re already seeing most smartphones in the Android family go with the new USB. Samsung already started with the S8 two years ago and also in the NOTE series and now in the A-series. Other brands like OnePlus, Google, Huawei and others are using the new USB type.

Need to say most phones with the USB C are still high-grade devices and cost higher than the low range device prices. With the benefits stated and how other device makers are swiftly changing, the new USB might be in every new device from 2020.

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