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Everyone with Whatsapp on their phone should update to the latest WhatsApp version on either google playstore or Apple store as soon as possible, the company says.

Earlier this month it was reported the app had a security breach by malware to collect data on devices such as emails, contacts and even the ability to turn on devices microphone and camera for live monitoring.

The Whatsapp vulnerability found is so-called “zero-click, zero-day”, a previously undiscovered vulnerability that can infect a target’s phone with no action from the victim.

It is currently not known about the number of devices affected but it is alleged most targets were human rights groups. But with a platform hosting 1.5 billion people there would be more to this than it seems.

Amnesty International, which said it had been targeted by tools created by the NSO Group in the past, said this attack was one human rights groups had long feared was possible.

“They’re able to infect your phone without you actually taking an action,” said Danna Ingleton, deputy programme director for Amnesty Tech. She said there was mounting evidence that the tools were being used by regimes to keep prominent activists and journalists under surveillance.

“There needs to be some accountability for this, it can’t just continue to be a wild west, secretive industry.”

Therefore the best course of recommended action is for you to update your version to the latest and also leave auto-updates on for either your iPhone or Android device.

Below are the links for the latest version of Whatsapp, click on your device type below to visit the download link.

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