Twitter Now Allows You to Share Tweets in Your Snaps.

After recently adding Twitter stories (Fleets), Twitter announced that it is partnering with Snapchat to allow users to share tweets in their Snaps. Users will no longer have to screenshot Tweets and share on Snapchat but rather share directly and have access to Snapchat’s camera and editing features.

Sharing Tweets on Snapchat
Sharing Tweets on Snapchat Image: Twitter

The ability to share tweets from Twitter’ to Snapchat was made available on December 10th on iOS, with the companies planning to add the feature for Android soon. Users can share tweets visually in Snaps and Stories, while still accessing the Camera and the full suite of Snapchat creative tools. Viewers in Snapchat can tap the attachment to view the tweet and replies directly in Twitter.

Sharing Tweets on Snapchat
Sharing Tweets on SnapchatImage: Twitter

If you want to share a tweet to Snapchat, press the share button on a public tweet, and select the Snapchat icon from the share options. You can then create a snap, as usual, but you’ll have your selected tweet as a sticker that you can manipulate. You can then share the snap as you like. Either by sending it to people, or adding it to your story and whoever sees it can go to the tweet by swiping up.

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In the same statement, Twitter announced it was testing out similar feature for IG stories so lets hope it gets released soon.

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