Top 5 Features Of iOS 13.

Here is a threw back of some of the top 5 features available for iOS 13 after the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose on Monday.

1. The most anticipated feature of iOS is Dark mode.

People have been wishing for this and asking for it for years, that a fault all white colours of iOS can be blinding so now there’s a system-wide dark mode which you can enable it from the control centre. It turns all your stock apps and menus and notifications and widgets and everything dark. Dark backgrounds light text, the whole stock UI. All the 3rd party apps, you will still have to change those yourself if you want everything dark like YouTube, Twitter and all the rest.

There are also some new wallpapers to go with it built into iOS 13.  The dark mode might even save a little bit battery since the iPhone, of course, all use OLED displays that don't use power when the colour black is displayed. Click To Tweet
iOS 13 Dark Mode

2. The iPhone photos App

Basically, the UI is organized a bit different and it’s a bunch of new features. So at the bottom, you have a couple of different photo modes. You have all photos mode which is just a grid of everything, then days mode, which lets you scroll through the best photos you’ve taken each day with sort of smart highlights of certain ones. Then monthly, months zooms a bit out and gives you the best photos of each month and then years again zooms out giving you a throwback though some of the best from each previous years 2018, 2017, 2016. when you’re actually in a photo the editing controls are cool, there is an upgrade with much more extensive, you can do auto adjustments. You can also now rotate a video in editing which you literally could not do on iOS 12 photos app.

iOS 13Photos App
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3. New keyboard

Androids had this feature for Maybe about a decade now but the stock keyboard now and iOS 13 has swipe typing and you could do this with 3rd party keyboards like swipe or the Google keyboard Click To Tweet if you install them on your iPhone in the past but now will be Built-in seeking about your keyboard suggestions and everything are used to in one place with swipe typing.  not sure if this is also coming to iPad iOS but it’s welcome.

iOS 13 Swipe Keyboard

4. Shared wireless audio

So this is like a headphone splitter but for air pots, so it was on stage as 2 people sort of holding their iPhone near each other and then enabling audio sharing so they can basically hear the same thing from 1 source. Click To Tweet  maybe going for a run someone in both listens to the same music at the same time things like that so it seems like a pretty cool feature solid new audio feature that of course takes advantage of having Bluetooth 5.0.

iOS 13 Audio Share

5. Speed Optimization.

So the pretty minor thing it seems the same sort of open with it for a hot minute and if you blink to might missed it but the made some pretty bold claims about iOS 13 speed versus the already really fast iOS 12. It went along the lines of 30% faster face ID unlocking and 50% smaller packages for app downloads and 60% smaller for app updates. so it should be much faster downloads and installing of apps especially the bigger ones and 2 times… Click To Tweet iOS 12 has already faster than previous versions especially on older devices so a welcome another free speed upgrade.

 So that is it, the best of the new features coming to IOS13 that we know about anyway my personal favourite is still dark mode so obviously I put that a number one but I’m not looking forward to most in the comments below. the Beta will be a public Beta in about a month and then eventually rolling out to people beyond that so you can expect it.

iOS 13 WiFi Networks

There are also a couple of smaller things that didn’t quite make this list because time didn’t permit to go over from the keynote this year. There's something called Wi-Fi selection which you would have at the control centre. so now, if you're in control centre you can 3-D touch the Wi-Fi icon and a list of networks available will pop up and Bluetooth does the same thing… Click To Tweet

Other improvements are also emoji improvements. You can add piercings now to your emoji or even airpods in its ears. There's also log in with Apple which is designed to replace other social logins but with much more security instead of as the focus. Click To Tweet A way of shielding your information from the companies that keep asking for login info. And then is the volume Box fixed. so for reference iOS 12 and the ridiculous volume changing has been changed so the volume on iOS 13 is now right next to the volume rocker. Click To Tweet

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