Top 10 Android Apps of August 2020.

This article continues the monthly top 10 picked android apps of July by our team in the continuation of the Top 10 Android Apps of July 2020. None of the apps on this list are sponsored or in any way linked to us.

1. Aerial – Live Wallpapers

Aerial brings the most beautiful animated video wallpaper to your phone! From the most beautiful time-lapses and drone shots everywhere in the world to the nicest abstract movies!

Download Here: Aerial Wallpapers

2. Tap, Tap

Tap, Tap is a port of the double-tap on the back of the device gesture from Android 11 to any Android 7.0+ device. It allows you to use the gesture to launch apps, control the device (including pressing the home, back, and recent buttons), take a screenshot, toggle the flashlight, open your assistant, and more.

Download Here: Tap Tap

3. Access Dots

Did you know that once you grant access to your phone’s camera or microphone to any third-party App, they can use it silently in the background? This app alerts you once any app starts to use your phones camera or microphone.

Access Dots, adds the same iOS 14 style indicators (few pixels light up as a dot) to the top right (default) corner of your screen whenever any third-party App uses your phone’s camera or microphone. Access Dots will be visible even on your lock-screen!

Download Here: Access Dots

4. Dodo Drop – Secure File Transfer

Dodo Drop allows you to transfer photos, videos, music, documents, and apps from one device to another at super fast speed. Send pictures, share videos and audios, transfer large files or apps. All of this with super fast speed with rate upto 480 Mbps over an encrypted direct Wi-Fi network.

Download Here: Dodo Drop 

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5. Mi Control Center: Notifications and Quick Actions

Mi Control Center will change the way you use your phone. Separate your quick settings from your notifications. Swipe down from the left of the status bar to read your notifications and from the right side to control your device settings and perform meaningful actions. Trigger areas can be customised as you wish.

Download Here: Mi Control Center: Notifications and Quick Actions

6. Panels – custom sidebar, widget and app launcher

Panels is a launcher on the edge of your screen, that provides a quick access to your favorite applications, shortcuts, contacts, widgets and the app drawer. No more scrolling through launcher pages, contacts and settings, simply swipe the edge screen. Boost your multitasking and increase productivity!

Download Here: Panels – custom sidebar, widget and app launcher

7. Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates

Making digital Logo maker helps to grow your business across social media at a faster pace. You don’t need a graphic designer to create a professional advertising Logo. We’ve designed a good collection of Logo Design templates.

Plenty of Logo maker templates, creative stickers, text arts, various shapes and graphic design. No graphic design skills required. Create an amazing Logo and Graphic Design with templates.

Download Here: Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates

8. Copy Text On Screen

The default long press to copy the text on the mobile screen mostly does not work hence this app helps you to extract text/words from the mobile screen by just sharing your screenshot with this app.

Here OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is used to recognize text on the device screen.

Download Here: Copy Text On Screen

9. Vectorify da home

Vectorify da home! is a minimal and open source app to apply wallpapers from a vast (400+) collection of vector graphics. Background and graphic colors are customizable thanks to a fantastic color picker, presets, or the device accent color.

Download Here: Vectorify da home

10. Taskito – Timeline based to-do list & task manager

Taskito is a timeline based task management app to help you organize day-to-day and achieve bigger goals in life. This todo list app emphasizes on keeping your daily tasks small and achievable.

Download Here: Taskito – Timeline based to-do list & task manager

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