Top 10 Android Apps of July 2019.

This article continues the monthly review of 10 top Android apps for the month of July 2019. None of these apps is sponsored and is strictly among the best apps seen in this month.

1. MIUI-ify – Notification Shade

MIUI-ify allows Notification Shade for bigger phones. For those who have seen Apple’s swipe up Control Centre, yes, that whole action exclusive to Apple, this gives you that power. Xiaomi has successfully challenged the competition by providing that feature for the relatively larger Android market. Do not expect to have the exact same toolset or appearance as seen on the iPhones, as intellectual property rights still exist, but it does offer some pretty useful toolset that generally makes up for the disparity between these two iterations.

2. Ignite – Quotes (Life | Love | Inspirational)

For most people out there, myself included, we just want to hear the right things at the right time and well, unfortunately, we do not control reality. But that doesn’t mean we can’t control certain factors in our environment, the Ignite Quotes app helps with just that. By providing quotes, both online and offline, based on the mood or category we choose, we get treated with a variety of more than enough quotes to just speak the things we want to hear, no matter what time of day or location. It also features a beautiful collection of images to accompany the quotes just making the experience more immersive.

3. Call recorder by BlackBox.

For all the times when we just wished to have the person repeat that one thing so we’d have it permanently, either for the fun of it or other reasons, Blackbox™ is a professional call recorder developed to be a reliable tool for automatic call recording. It even sports a rich collection of features enabling the user to lock access to recorded calls, easily back up to the cloud, whitelist your favourite contacts and even easily search for previous recordings.

4. SHREDDER: Data Eraser.

Unlike pcs and macs where there is powerful antivirus software among other software products that easily removes all traces of a file, the Android world is stuck with smaller products promising big things but not always satisfying their users. SHREDDER: Data Eraser fixes that issue by doing its job so efficiently data recovery apps are not capable of retrieving that piece of the file. The UI is pretty simple, with most of the work done in single taps and very quickly. This app is a must-have for any Android user.

5. Always On AMOLED – BETA.

Ah! The beauty of AMOLED and it’s ingenious “Always On” displays is finally available with a wider range of Android devices, no more limited to the various flagships out there. Always On AMOLED brings this delight to more Android devices. Now more than ever, a regular Android phone from any of the top manufacturers can be seen sporting this feature. Providing the same toolset as original AMOLED display features, this app brings the convenience of having just a tiny percentage of your screen pixels being lit even when the screen is normally expected to go off. The app is fully customizable to allow the freedom to do more than the basics but also allow some pretty intuitive reprogramming of certain features to enable longer lasting battery life.

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6. DopeWalls – 4K Wallpapers & HD Backgrounds (UHD)

We’ve all been on the hunt for the coolest looking wallpapers and through Google and other search engines don’t disappoint after a while of digging, DopeWalls has provided a comprehensive collection of 4K wallpapers and background images. There are tons of other apps trying to do this but the ease and convenience provided by DopeWalls are what makes it our pick for the month.

7. Daily UI

This is not an app in the traditional sense but rather a widget pack carefully crafted to meet the needs of Android users seeking a refresh to their usual UI/UX. Though paid for, it does quite make the experience worth the money.

8. Thoughts – Minimal Note Taking

Note taking is not something we usually regard as important but experience, some sad, show that noting down a handful of points can really save us in dire times and also be that lucky reminder of some important piece of detail we need to remember at some later point in time. But apps have evolved, increasing the complexity of using apps for this minimalistic process. That has been solved by Antimony, creators of Thoughts, the Minimal Note Taking App. Providing a somewhat bland interface and straightforward UI, Thoughts provides a simple but efficient way to note down those key pieces of information that just need to be remembered. It remains free on most smartphones but isn’t another app filled with tons of ads.

9. Retrowave Style Text

And now it’s a reference to the past, the 80’s. Can’t talk from experience but those years seemed to have been filled with a different energy than our modern day. This app tries to bring back that experience, though not everything from back then is portrayed, it sure as hell does a good job at bringing back some of the “retro effects” that made the vibe then what it was.

Allowing for customization of text with various retro-themed images and soundtracks, Retrowave Text Generator brings back the “retro” to give pictures from this era a rather appealing nostalgic feel.

10. Bett fish live wallpaper

This is mainly for ocean lovers and wants to experience a bit of marine life under their fingertips. Bett fish live wallpaper is a really interactive like 3D wallpaper app enabling the imaginative prowess of the user to come to life with its feature set of rich customizations in real time.

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