Top 10 Android Apps of August 2019.

This article continues the monthly review of 10 top Android apps for the month of July 2019. None of these apps is sponsored and is strictly among the best apps seen in this month.

1. Enlight Pixaloop

We have all heard of traditional photo editing software and how potent they are, Enlight Pixaloop takes that whole endeavour to a somewhat new level. Pixaloop brings a fitting combination between normal photo editing and animation, enabling users to animate certain parts of their photos with just a simple few taps. It also lets the user set the variables of the animations, from animation speed to other timed effects. It also sports an AI-powered Sky Tool to take the whole editing game to levels that can compete with some other big names in the game.

Download here: Enlight Pixaloop

2. Dimly – Screen Dimmer

Phones, computers, basically screens have become an integral part of our lives. From the daily commute to work, we all stare at screens at certain points in each and every day. The effect of light emitted from these screens and how bright they can get and affect our overall health have been a major concern for most consumers lately. Though manufacturers have bundled certain features to their devices to make usage better, their attempts have not been satisfactory enough for everyone and this is where Dimly – Screen Dimmer comes in. Dimly promises the capacity to control how bright screens can get beyond the default limits by the manufacturers while also being able to limit the amount of harmful blue light is passed to the consumer. It is easily customisable and hosts a variety of features including a “Shake to restore brightness” and an auto timer feature.

Download here: Dimly – Screen Dimmer

3. Face Pause

A daring move was made and a new opportunity was found, a leap ahead of traditional play/pause. Well, not really as futuristic as the world would hope but still better than nothing. Face Pause, the app that pauses whatever is happening on your screen using face detection technology. That’s right, pause games and movies automatically when you’re not looking at the screen. This seeks to challenge the feature Samsung introduced a while back on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S by promising better response than its older competition. It also adds a feature to hide what’s on your screen when you’re not looking.

Download here: Face Pause

4. Must for Movies & TV

Ever wondered if there was a way to talk movie ratings based on the average user experience rather than check the reviews of critics? Well, Must provides a social media platform to help with that. Providing an area online for sharing ideas of movies, see what others around are saying and watching and also track the various movies you’ve watched. It also provides a way to follow various movies and their cast and crew and to see what’s trending around you and in the rest of the world.

Download here: Must for Movies & TV

5. Crono

Everyone wants easy access and seamless integration of all their devices but due to the vast range of Android device manufacturers and the lack of a simple and direct mode of integration between Android devices and PCs, lots of Android users have lusted after mentioned feature. Crono delves into this problem and provides a solution that’s worth looking at. Crono features a lot of the desired tools to enable smooth connection and usage between Android devices and PCs. Whether in a meeting or shuffling between tabs, Crono keeps you in sync with all your notification or calendar event. Crono also offers a ton of security features to make sure your device is still secured and also provides a shared clipboard experience to enable easy copy-paste between mobile and PC.

Download here: Crono

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6. Pocket Mode

Ah! We’ve all been victims of accidental touches on our smartphones leading to the classic “butt-dial”. Stock Android has lacked the feature of instantly locking the phone in certain conditions, we can’t blame them though, the feature used to work on previous versions but was removed in latter updates. Notwithstanding, Pocket Mode for Android uses the proximity sensor to detect when the phone is not in use but has the display still on to prevent accidental touches that, well, nobody is really a fan off. The best part, it comes free to use and with zero ads, hence, no sweat if it doesn’t meet your expectations, definitely worth a try though.

Download here: Pocket Mode

7. Voicepop

We have all at a point wished we could have our phones smart enough to understand every single thing we say and be able to interpret them into text, one app dares to do that and challenge the various AI assistants on our current smartphones in that, it transcribes voice notes we receive into text when we cannot listen. Though seemingly limited to basic texting/messaging apps, it surely does its job well and does not disappoint. Voice Pop also effectively works in various supported messaging apps as well.

Download here: Voicepop

8. Betta Fish Live Wallpaper

A couple of years ago, screensavers had some sort of cool vibe to them and just like all good things, they died out, Betta Fish Wallpaper brings that effect back to your Android device. Betta Fish Wallpaper provides a pretty interactive live wallpaper experience that not only brings back the vibe of those screensavers but provides a free version which does not disappoint.

Download here: Betta Fish Live Wallpaper

9. Spike

As more and more issues of privacy breaches arise with the various popular messaging systems available, people are always on the search for more secure platforms and multiple developers are reaching out into this field and one platform, Spike, claims to be better than the conventional systems of today. Though not significantly improving on the whole UI/UX of the well-known platforms, it does provide a bit more features and security to help prevent any privacy breaches while still being simple enough to keep productivity up.

Download here: Spike

10. Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

Not everyone is enthusiastic about checking the weather. Reading the weather can be a rough road for the average user but 1Weather provides an easy-to-use user interface and experience to make the hassle of reading the weather less stressful than it tends to be for most people. Designed to provide the essentials at a glance with a bit more detail at a simple tap or swipe, 1Weather is built for both casual and serious weather watchers who want a quick and accurate look at the weather movement while on the move. Enabling the tracking of weather patterns of up to 12 locations, it proves efficient and trustworthy enough to help users plan out various activities.

Download here: 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

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