Tony Stark Might Feature One More Time in The MCU.

Tony Stark (Iron Man) was a pillar of the MCU. He donned suits, he blasted things, he saved the world. Nowadays that he is gone, The Avengers are left in limbo, starved for a leader, Literally starved too. Robert Downey Jr. Used to hide snacks all over the set. In a dramatical turn of events, it looks like we haven’t seen the last of Tony as we previously thought. He could be returning from one final outing next year but how, when and where? More importantly, Is He bringing sandwiches to set again?

image; Tony Stark (Iron Man) in EndGame

EndGame shattered our fragile hearts by doing away with some of our favorite characters. Honestly, we weren’t sure we would ever recover and the fact is, we’re still trying not to cry talking about it. MARVEL fans spent a decade investing in Iron man and the wonderful world of Tony Stark in particular. To have him ripped away was something that felt unexpected, sad and just plain unfair especially as we were starting to really ship that old father-son dynamic between him and Peter Parker.

Well, every good hero must meet their end or least so we thought. We had all started to accept that we wouldn’t see Robert Downey Jr. wear the metal suit ever again but then comes this massive curveball. Apparently, Tony stark’s days in the MCU aren’t quite over yet.

Will Iron Man (Tony Stark) Come Back After EndGame

He is coupling up with another fallen comrade to propel our screens in summer 2020. According to deadline, Robert Downey Jr. Will be seen in the role of Stark one more time in the Marvel pre-called black widow in May 2020.

Aside from this, we don’t know very much about what lies in store but that doesn’t stop us from fantasizing. Natashia is shooting her very own standalone movie and just like Tony, Natasha Romanoff sacrificed herself for the greater good in the last Avengers movie. That doesn’t leave movie makers a whole lot of wiggle room when it comes to the plot so they’re going back in time. Many believe that we will finally learn what happened in Budapest in the upcoming flak but we really have no idea.

With that being said, how on Earth could Tony appear? We now know that the events will take place between Captain America Civil War and before Avengers infinity war. That gives us a general idea about a time frame.

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Prior to this, Many fans thought we may get a look in Natasha’s back story. Now we know the events go down when she’s already an Avenger. That leaves a lot of space for cameos from her fellow heroes like iron man. We’ve previously seen crossovers in almost every MCU. It’s guaranteed that other Avengers will be hanging around. When there’s trouble they all tend to band together or at least they did for it all came crashing down.

There have been a couple of leaked set photos. One of them led fans to believe that Marvel villain taskmaster might be featured in the flak. This villain has yet to see the light of day in the MCU so this could be his chance.

Anthony masters can watch others do something and instantly pick up the ability himself. That would make for some and pleasant hand-to-hand combat scenes between him and Natasha. Originally, he wanted to be one of the good guys but decided he could make bank being evil. What if taskmaster isn’t going up against Natasha Romanoff as fans first thought? What if she’s really just trying to stop them from going after Tony?.

After all, if you’re going to learn from someone it should be the best of best. After watching Tony do something like create a new weapon or work the iron man suits, taskmaster would have the keys to the Kingdom. He could take over the world, blow Stark industries out of the water and obliterate whatever I wanted. This would be the perfect way to put two of the fallen characters together for a final fight.

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