This Could Be Your First Look at Google’s All New Android 12 OS.

A couples of images been shared around about the all new Googles Android 12 OS all linked to an XDA-Developers post shows some interesting upcoming features.

The images are said to be from a draft document shared by Google with major partners ahead of its beta rollout. The screenshots showcasing the new UI and functional changes, alongside a new privacy indicator and conversation widget. were extracted from the document.

If the screenshots are accurate to go by, the UI changes include an emphasis on rounded corners, with a reduction in the number of Quick Settings available from the unexpanded notification panel. The number of Quick Settings tiles that are shown when the notification panel partly expanded has been reduced from 6 to 4, causing each icon to become larger on Android 12.

Android 12 Quick Setting                 Image: XDA Developers
Android 12 Quick Setting Image: XDA Developers

Aside from the UI changes, The privacy on Android 12 seem to be boosted. In the new Android version, you may receive a warning in the form of status bar indicators whenever an app is using the camera or microphone just like some Android apps do except the don’t show the logo like will. It acts as a warning in the status bar to show when an app is accessing the camera or microphone but users can tap on the logo to show a pop up at the top showing the exact app using it.

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Google has also made Privacy options assessible by placing them in privacy settings in Android 12, with the ability to fully toggle the camera and microphone on / off According to the XDA post.

Android 12 Privacy Setting                 Image: XDA Developers
Android 12 Privacy Setting Image: XDA Developers

Other screenshots show what could be a new conversations widget for Android 12. It appears to surface recent messages and calls, and XDA-Developers claims it could be a “mandatory feature for all Android 12 devices.” The positions of the date and clock have been swapped, while there are also new privacy indicators in the top right-hand corner.

Android 12 Widgets, Notifications Panel                 Image: XDA Developers
Widgets, Notifications Panel Image: XDA Developers

Google hasn’t officially confirmed any new UI or feature changes yet. However, the beta is expected to be rolled out this month or early next month. The company has committed to making third-party app stores easier to use.

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