Spiderman Returns To MCU After Sony Pictures & Marvel Studios Deal.

 Looks like mom and dad are back together. Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios and the Walt Disney company have finally set aside their differences, returned to the negotiation table and agree to make a third Spiderman movie together.

 Sony and Marvel confirmed on Friday, September 27th that an agreement had been reached to allow Marvel studios President Kevin fikee to produce another Spidey flick to follow 2017 Spiderman homecoming and 2019 Spiderman far from home.

this means that the ever-charming Tom Holland, the third Actor to step into the Spiderman suit and the man largely considered the best Peter Parker yet will indeed swing back into the Marvel cinematic universe and reprise his role as the friendly neighbourhood hero. That’s what it said on the news and the news never lies.

The peace restoring meeting happened just recently but Marvel, Sony and Disney executives inking the new deal on the evening of Thursday, September 26. An important aspect of this agreement is the money which is something that contributed to Sony and Marvel splitting in the first place.

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On August 20th 2019, it was announced that the two studios were unable to see eye to eye on how to rework their 2015 deal that gave Fikee producing power in the Spiderman franchise, let Holland Spiderman appear in Marvel movies and granted Disney which owns Marvel studios, 5% of day one Box office profits as well as all merchandising revenue.

Disney reportedly requested a 50% CO financing stake in the franchise which Sony is said to have denied outright. Though subsequent reports claim that the house of mouse actually asks for 30% share, it was evident that money was making both studios more than a little tense.

Thankfully, Sony, Disney and Marvel have now agreed that the latter two companies will receive 25% of the profits on the third Spiderman movie with Sony retaining 75%. Additionally, Disney will continue earning merchandising profits.

The newly confirmed third Spiderman movie doesn’t yet have a title but it does have a release date, July 16, 2021. It also has homecoming and far from home producer Amy Pascal on board to continue her producing role through pascal pictures.

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