Samsung launches iTest App to Turn your iPhone into Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

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Samsung has launched a new website to give iPhone users “a feel of Samsung” from their mobile browser. When visited on an iPhone, the site prompts users to add it to their phone’s home screen, after which it turns into a shortcut to a simulated Samsung Galaxy device.

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Once you visit the link or scan the QR code, the whole process will be there. Pretty easy.

Though the simulation is not deep about One UI, it offers a summary experience about Samsung and how it feels like going to Settings or what options are available on the Samsung camera app. When Open up the camera “app” and a video will automatically play featuring influencer Logan Dodds, who describes Samsung’s camera app features in the interface around him. 

Samsung is targeting the experience squarely at iPhone users. Try to visit the site with another Android phone and you get a message that says, “You’re on Android already,” while if you try to visit using a desktop browser the site gives you a QR code to scan with your iPhone. Yes, it’s ultimately just a bit of marketing, but it’s more creative than most other smartphone ads out there.

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