Samsung Galaxy A70 System Update.

Samsung has rolled out a second software update after the May update for the Galaxy A70 in Africa, which improved the fingerprint and touch screen performance as well as the security of the device. The new update brings a Night mode option for the camera, wide angle for the front facing camera and adds a QR scanner as well as some general improvements. The previous update added the Super steady camera feature to the device but came with the May security patch.

Image: A70 Update History

The A70 is argued to be the best phone among the A series though it is somehow stated as a minor competitor to the S10 as it hold similar specs to compete with it. The new update for A70 improves the camera by adding night mood thought it still lacks behind the google camera’s night mood.

The update which is available in Ghana and other African countries has mainly has these new options

  1. A new camera function has been added: Night mode, QR code reader
  2. Camera picture quality has been improved.
  3. The charger/USB ports moisture detection algorithm has been improved.
  4. Overall stability of functions improved.
  5. The security of your device has been improved
image: A70 new update

The update weighs in at 596.84 MB and comes with the firmware version A705FNXXU3ASG6. This update should be available for your device soon, if not available now.

To upgrade your Galaxy A70 to the latest firmware, head over to the phone’s Settings » Software update menu and hit the Download and install option. You might want to try this a couple of times if the update doesn’t immediately show up or wait a day or two.

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