Red Magic 6 Series Price and Specifications.

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The Red Magic 6’s screen is a 10-bit super-sensitive screen, covering the DCI-P3 color gamut, and has a new pixel arrangement method that is more delicate and clear, but the name of this arrangement method has not been determined. AMOLED material supports DC dimming. It is equipped with a sixth-generation screen fingerprint, a domestic screen, and has passed the low blue light and low latency certification.

In terms of specifications, the RedMagic 6 is equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor and is equipped with the best gaming screen in the history of the Red Magic,6.8-inch full screen, straight screen design without digging holes, world premiere 165Hz high refresh rate, support 6-speed variable refresh rate, and exclusive joint tuning with Qualcomm, “Ace Warrior” has been adapted to 165Hz, high brush is also for audio game players A good news, in addition, there are currently more than 100 games adapted to 165Hz, and the Red Devils have also adapted to the high-frame version of Tencent’s popular games. This screen also supports 500Hz single-finger touch sampling rate and 360Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate.

Red Magic 6 is also equipped with a variety of software optimization technologies, supports virtual memory expansion, 8G can enjoy 12G memory, and Tencent’s Solar Core intelligent scheduling. Red Magic 6 also supports TC Frame 2.0. Red Magic 6 can identify high-performance scenes in advance and focus on optimization. In addition, Red Magic 6 also supports WiFi 6 enhanced version, network intelligent scheduling technology and Tencent mobile game acceleration technology that can directly connect to Tencent servers.

Red Magic game phone 6 itself, the appearance implements the mecha and sci-fi style, symmetrical aesthetic design, the back is equipped with an emotional equivalent system, carbon fiber texture, competitive keys, air outlets, game shoulder keys and 3.5mm jacks are also not absent. , Available in two colors: carbon fiber black and cyber neon.

In terms of taking pictures, the Red Magic 6 is equipped with a 64MP AI triple camera, has a cyberpunk filter, and has functions such as transforming shadows and video HDR.

Next is the Tencent Red Magic gaming phone 6 Pro, which has two colors of black iron black and ice blade silver.

In terms of heat dissipation, there is one more layer of aviation aluminum ice blade heat dissipation design on the back cover than Red Magic 6, and the fan speed is increased to 20,000 rpm.

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Red Magic has always had an exclusive air-cooled heat dissipation design. The phone is equipped with 13 temperature sensors, such as thermal gel before and after the CPU, there is superconducting copper foil on the outside, and VC heat dissipation, graphene and other heat dissipation designs on the outside. Finally, the heat is concentrated to the fan for cooling. The fan speeds up to 18000 rpm and the speed is increased by 20%, which is comparable to an F1 racing engine. Canyon air duct, this fan can lower the CPU temperature by 16°C.

There is also a transparent version of Red Magic 6 Pro deuterium front, and the fan in the phone even has RGB decoration.

In terms of battery life, the Red Magic 6 Pro uses a 4500mAh dual-cell battery, 120W flash charging, and the industry’s first standard 120W Black Cube GaN charger, which can be charged to 50% in 5 minutes.While playing and charging, the charging can be directly supplied to the mobile phone system, stepping over the battery, no longer hot. The RedMagic 6 Pro AnTuTu’s running score was as high as 780,000, and Master Lu’s running score was as high as 930,000.

Red Magic is equipped with RedMagic OS 4.0, a variety of new themes, exclusive wallpapers for Tencent games, a more dreamy gaming space, support for the broadcast of the peace elite finals, hunting mode (reverse color), and support for the resurrection of the king’s glory countdown reminder, dazzling Cool equivalent, 4D surround vibration, the new system also brings a small window hook 2.0.

RedMagic OS 4.0 is also equipped with Red Magic Projector 2.0, which supports wired and wireless multi-mode links. The screen projection mobile phone can be used as a touchpad; it supports computer projection, perfectly adapts to 165Hz monitors, and can also be used on large screens of different proportions. Increase the game display screen; this function also supports the enhancement of the anchor’s picture quality; in addition, there is a small window projection function to achieve the effect of mobile phone microblogging and computer playing games.

RedMagic 6 Price

– 8GB/128GB = 3799 CNY
– 12GB/128GB = 4,099 CNY
– 12GB/256GB = 4399 CNY

RedMagic 6 Pro Price

– 12GB/128GB = 4399 CNY
– 12GB/256GB = 4799 CNY
– 16GB/256GB = 5299 CNY

RedMagic 6 Transparent Edition

– 16GB/256GB = 5599 CNY
– 18GB/512GB = 6599 CNY

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