Pixel 4 Voice Recorder Can Transcribe Audios Offline.

We Have seen a lot of leaks about the yet to Launch Google Pixel 4, but the recent leak seems to be the Voice recording app of the Google Pixel 4.

In a recent hands-on, the app seemed basic — with a hit button to record, then share that audio file with other apps. However, Google in its first update has added one particularly handy feature the Recorder before it’s even been released. Automatic audio transcription.

Google Recorder can automatically create a transcription of the audio it records and even identifies the difference between audio and music. XDA-Developers notes that other categories include applause, some animals, laughter, whistling, and more.

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This a big advantage to everyone who is in need of transcription like me and students who can use this as a note’s creator in lectures. Looks like the Pixel 4 is targeting Transcribers.

The best thing about this new app is the ability to search a word or text which would show in both the part of the recording and transcription it is. The above pictures show a search of the text “the black chines” which appears in the recording and its transcribed text. The Recorder also allows you to add location tags to each recording. I currently

The Updated version of the App was Uploaded on play store but unfortunate not available for most users to download. In case you need the app, you would have to search online for the Mirror link since we have no right to upload it here.

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