OnePlus 8 Xray Camera or Color Filter Camera?

Oneplus not quite long released its 2020 flagship Oneplus 8 devices with the high-grade OnePlus 8 Pro having a special feature that generated mixed reactions.

The OnePlus 8 pro has a Quad camera setup with a Rear camera – Main 48 Megapixel, Telephoto Lens – 8 Megapixels, Ultra Wide Angle Lens – 48 Megapixels and a 5 Megapixel Color Filter Lens.

Everyone’s initial conclusion was the 5MP camera lens wasn’t much of a need until the “Xray feature” popped up. The 5 Megapixel color filter camera lens, apparently, doesn’t block infrared (IR) light. Most camera lenses filter out infrared light because it can cause visual aberrations that make photos look different than what our eyes see.

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The general rule about Infrared technology is the human eye cannot see through objects with such technology, for example, the cap of your TV remote. It mostly has the sensor that controls the TV with a black color which the human eye cannot see through but the Oneplus 8 pro can.

It’s not fully understood why this color filter camera can do this, but it seems to involve the way the sensor processes infrared light in order to give the pictures this “photochrom” effect.

It is quite obvious after seeing pictures of what the technology can view through and per the conclusion of Android Central, the OnePlus 8 Pro’s “x-ray” camera has fewer privacy implications.

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