Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone officially launched.

Lenovo Legion specifications.

✓ 6.65″ OLED display
✓ 144Hz refresh rate
✓ Indisplay fingerprint
✓ 78.5×169.2×9.9mm
✓ Weight – 239g
✓ Right middle frame pop up camera
✓ 20MP front camera
✓ Dual Rear camera
✓ 64MP main camera + 16MP ultra-wide angle
✓ 5000mAh (dual cell solution)
✓ 90W Fast charge (two type-C ports)
✓ single port maximum 45W
✓ PD protocol
✓ USB 3.1
✓ 10Gbps transmission rate
✓ support DP screen projection
✓ 14 temperature sensors
✓ dual speakers with positive output (1.4cc*2 large sound cavity)
✓ dual X axis linear motors
✓ dual ultrasonic buttons
✓ Snapdragon 865Plus (main frequency 3.01Ghz)
✓ Supports dual-mode 5G
✓ WiFi6
✓ UFS 3.1
✓ first gaming phone to support NFC

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Detailed Spec’s

Lenovo Savior Gaming Phone Pro comes in two color schemes: Red Flame Armor and Dazzling Blue Ice Blade.

Lenovo Savior Pro screen specifications: 6.65 inches AMOLED screen 144Hz screen refresh rate ​​.

The Lenovo Savior Pro’s screen sampling rate is 240Hz, but with Touch Boost technology, the Savior is 9% faster than the 270Hz of the Black Shark 3 Pro.

Here comes the Snapdragon 865 Plus.

Lenovo Legion one hour and compares the temperature of Black Shark 3 Pro and Red Devils 5G.

The Lenovo Savior Pro has a front 20MP center pop-up front camera, with a pop-up life of 400,000 times, and it will automatically retract after a 0.5s drop.​​​​

The Lenovo Savior Pro has a 64-megapixel main camera + 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens ​​​.

The shoulder button of the Lenovo Legion Pro is an ultrasonic solution, which is different from the mechanical and touch controls of the Black Shark 3 Pro and the Red Magic 5G.​​​​

Lenovo Legion Gaming

In the field of gaming phones, release professional skills [cool]
① Professional game equipment, a mobile phone is the handle
② Mobile phone is the host, dual Type-C unlocks more possibilities for mobile games
③ The mobile phone is the live broadcast room, and the broadcast can be started with one click
④ High-energy recording to record your gaming moments
⑤ 5G, horizontal screen reconstruction UI, designed for the horizontal screen ​​​

The Lenovo Legion Pro turned out to be 10Gbps, which is USB 3.1 Gen2. This is the second mobile phone brand to support this technology, and the first is ROG. And the line sent is Gen2.

The charging head is awesome, double C port, single port blind plug 90W, dual port 45+45.

Lenovo Savior Gaming Phone Pro price.

– 8GB/128GB – ¥3499 (with 45W charger)
– 12GB/128GB – ¥3899 (with 45W charger)
– 12GB/256GB – ¥4199 (with 65W dual-port charger)
– 16GB/512GB – ¥5999 (with 90W dual-port charger).

The pre-sale has started, and the sale will officially start at 10:00 on August 5th.

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