iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8. Which Phone is Better?

The iPhone vs Samsung argument has always been lively though many people have their entrenched positions on the two brands. There was a time when iPhones and looked so much alike that Samsung got sued and lost to Apple for the similarities. who did what first is still a battle we just don’t really want to discuss but Bringing the argument down to specific phones like the iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8, makes the users appreciate it much better.

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iPhone 8Galaxy S8iPhone 8 PlusGalaxy S8+
Price$230 $270$200 to $250$270, $290$225 to $270
Display4.7 inches (1334 x 750 LCD)5.8 inches (2960 x 1440) Super AMOLED5.5 inches (1920 x 1080 LCD)6.2 inches (2960 x 1440) Super AMOLED
CPUA11 BionicSnapdragon 835A11 BionicSnapdragon 835
Storage64GB, 256GB64GB64GB, 256GB64GB
microSDNoUp to 256GBNoUp to 256GB
Rear Camera12 MP (f/1.8)12 MP (f/1.7)Dual 12 MP (f/1.8, f/12.8)12 MP (f/1.7)
Front Camera7 MP (f/2.2)8 MP (f/1.7)7 MP (f/2.2)8 MP (f/1.7)
Battery Life9:5410:3911:1611:04
ColorsGold, Silver, Space GrayMidnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic SilverGold, Silver, Space GrayMidnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver
Dimensions5.5 x 2.7 x 0.29 inches5.9 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches6.2 x 3.1 x 0.3 inches6.3 x 2.9 x 0.3 inches
Weight5.22 ounces5.5 ounces7.13 ounces6.1 ounces
Summary Comparisons

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Display & Design Comparison


if this were a beauty contest the Galaxy has a win. It’s actually been winning for the last three generations. The curved borders on the glass the tall aspect ratio in the rounded corners under display have contributed to a phone that seems like if it were from the future.

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Image: Gear

In contrast the iPhone 8 is a complete opposite. It follows a design language that’s at least four years old and surely it does have the return of glass construction that Apple Pioneer with the iPhone 4 but the rest of the package meaning the large bezels in the camera humper all very 2014.

The galaxy’s new approach to a taller aspect ratio has the Galaxy S8 is 10 millimeters taller,1 millimeter wider nearly a millimeter thicker and 7 grams heavier than the iPhone 8, it also allows a much taller 5.8-inch display compared to just 4.7 inches. More resolution at Quad HD capabilities versus 750P. Colorful AMOLED technology versus the LCD and the infinity display effect on the curved borders that you just won’t get on the iPhone.


The iPhone has sports stereo speakers While the larger Galaxy does not. For handling purposes, one can use the iPhone 8 with one hand and reach all four corners of the display which is a bit difficult with the Galaxy S8. There are however options for reachability on both devices through software.

Reaching the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner requires zero effort. Whereas on the Galaxy S8, it’s always a challenge to not hit the camera lens instead. In Samsungs defense, this is not the only way you can unlock the Galaxy S8. There is iris scanning and facial recognition as well though each of these has its limitations.

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iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Accessories Comparison

Powering each device is very different. There’s a headphone jack and better headphones bundled in the box and Samsung also includes a fast charge. but You get wireless charging on both but only the Galaxy S8 has fast wireless charging and there’s also water resistance on both but the Galaxy has a higher rating. When it comes to the Galaxy S8. There’s micro sd the expansion to save you on having to pay more for additional storage.

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Software Comparison

iOS’s logic of its user interface where control centers is a swipe from the bottom where you can actually reach it easily is very cool. But then the Galaxy S8 is always some software versions behind on Android. But the iPhone just doesn’t have that problem on the iPhone 8 and then where I don’t praise Apple is because the home screen seriously needs to die. Apple it’s more than 10 years old.

iPhone Swipe Up Menu
iPhone Swipe Up Menu

Another example where bigger isn’t necessarily better is the battery life of the Galaxy S8 which is near twice the power pack of the iPhone 8, but the only phone that lasted through a day of moderate to heavy uses the iPhone 8. Power saving features are the only way to get to the end of the day on the Galaxy S8, so don’t let the numbers fool you.

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Comparison

You’re not getting the added functionality of a secondary lens either the both devices cameras can just point and shoot at subjects great color saturation, contrast and detail but the galaxy winning and flexibility thanks to manual controls.

Both also taken my opinion some of the best selfies in the industry though when it comes to selfie video. Apple finally offers a better field of view compared to the galaxy. You won’t have any complaints when it comes to the video from the primary shooters.

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Extra Features Comparison

Aside from their regular comparable features, both devices have extra peculiar features that pulls users more to them. The Samsung Galaxy S8 can claim the Samsung Dex feature that allows you to project the phone onto a screen and use in the form of a PC. It also has the Samsung multi tasking abilities that allows users to use multiple apps on same screen by screen spit. The S8 also has the Screen Mirroring ability which projects the phone to other screens. VR abilities and Type C to Type C cable usage and more. The iPhone 8 on the other hand has no extra features but improvements on their iOS.

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Comparison Conclusion

To conclude I think it’s fair to say that each phone pulls its own weight when it comes to pros and cons. The Galaxy S8 is far more beautiful as a device, with more flexible hardware and software and without it perks that come within the box of accessories. Factor into the Galaxy S8 is also an older device and you can definitely find better deals for it than what the case of Apple’s offering.

The iPhone 8 on the other hand doesn’t have better looks, it’ll cost you more money if you want more storage and the same goes for whenever you want more useful accessories. It wins basic things like ergonomics future-proof hardware, no excuses when it comes to software updates and battery life really has to be impressed.

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