Inside Huawei and It’s 5G

5G base station Pilot by Huawei

To the build a 5G network you need a new type telecoms gear. Many more base stations and they need to be smarter. It is the Chinese Tech company Huawei, which makes the most advanced 5G gear.

Huawei is the brainchild of Ren Zhengfei the company’s founder, who has been compared to the likes of Steve Jobs. Growing his company from a small workshop to a global Tech giant, He now employing 180,000 people. Huge spending on research means Huawei claim they’re now around 18 months ahead of any other 5G manufacturer. This includes not just getting faster data speeds but also dealing with the problems that come from higher performance.

According to a Huawei base station technician, Huawei been experimenting on reducing the heat generated as a result of 5G. 5Ggenerates about 1000 watts compared to about 300 watts for 4G. This is a common problem in technology. As things get faster and they consume more power, they get hotter and new cooling techniques to need to be developed.

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Huawei is currently enjoying huge success with revenues last year in excess of 100 billion. This could be helpful in their 5G work but this is also a company facing some serious issues. The biggest is that the US is coming for Huawei in a big way. The problem is, Mr Ren was once a member of China’s people’s liberation army and has raised suspicions about his links to the Chinese state and whether it and Huawei may have each other’s backs.

Many have said, the threat of spying that we’ve heard so much about recently is overblown. But there is another threat that they take very seriously. In the future where our entire infrastructure our economy and our lives are run by computers talking to each other over a 5G network, what would happen if someone shot that network down?

I think the future of warfare is not necessarily going to be using traditional armies in the way the 2nd World War did. The future of warfare is most likely going to be cyber so without firing a shot. You could take a country out, and it is feared that the Chinese state could order Huawei to build secret backdoors in a 5G network. This would leave the country vulnerable to a nationwide cyber attack and that could be catastrophic.

It is, however, important to note most countries cannot get Huawei out of their systems entirely because of actions taken prior to recent times.



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