How to Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing a MASK.

Wearing a mask and unlocking your iPhone just seems stressful as face unlock doesn’t work with your mask on. You will have to type in your passcode anytime you want to unlock your phone but Apple has made an attempt to solve this with the recently released iOS 14.5 beta but you must have somethings in place. In this How-to section, I will show you how to unlock your iPhone with your Apple watch while wearing your face mask. This helps you face unlock your phone with the help of your apple watch as a layer of authentication.

Just like been able to use Apple watch to unlock your Mac, you can now unlock your phone with it as well.

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First, your phone must be running iOS 14.5 and your apple watch must be running Apple’s watch OS 7.4 or newer. Though iOS 14.5 is still available to developers only, for now, the public beta might be released soon.

How To Set Up Unlock iPhone with Your Apple Watch

1. To to settings app of your iPhone

2. Go to Face ID and Passcode

3. Enter your Passcode and scroll down to till you see unlock with Apple watch

4. You should have the name of your apple watch above the toggle option which should be toggled on

5. You will also have to go to the watch setting in your general settings app and make sure your wrist detection and unlock iPhone toggles are both on.

6. After all these settings, You can now Unlock your iPhone with your face mask on.

7. You will get a notification on your Apple watch with an option to lock the phone anytime it unlocks.

Unfortunately with this method of unlocking your phone, you cant authenticate apps store purchases or apple pay purchases as a security limit by unlocking with your apple watch without entering your passcode.

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