How to Transfer Your Data To Your New iPhone.

Transferring from one iPhone to another is mostly easy to do because one backup on iClould and just retrieve it on the new iPhone but Apple has made it easy by adding a new way. This new transfer option works on devices running iOS 11 or newer because you can use the quick start guide.

People have always asked the following About How to Move All their Data to a New iPhone.

  • How do I transfer music from my old iPhone to my new iPhone?
  • How do I transfer my apps to my new phone?
  • How do I clone my iPhone to a new iPhone?

In this tutorial, we will be using an iPhone XS Max and an iPhone 7 Plus. Both phones should be closer to each other with WIFI and Bluetooth on for the old iPhone.

How To Transfer Everything From Your Old iPhone To Your New iPhone?

1. First of all, Before you start to transfer the data from one iPhone to the other, Backup on everything on icloud first. Thing is even with this new method, you will still have to back up on icloud because some stuff like Whatsapp Backup and other apps need to be restored on the new iPhone.

2. Start your new iPhone and you would receive a prompt on the old iPhone.

3. Select the Region and Language on the New iPhone and tap on Continue on the old iPhone to proceed. Remember to connect New iPhone to WIFI after language and Region selection

4. Use the old iPhone to scan the ball-like shape on the new iPhone.

5. After a Successful scan, enter Passcode of old phone on new phone.

6. Wait for the data to be transferred after entering the passcode

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7. Accept the Terms and conditions after going through.

8. Enable location service or Decline on New iPhone to proceed.

9. Either agree to share analytics with Apple or Decline.

10. Setup Display Settings.

11. Wait for Data to be transferred from old iPhone to New iPhone.

12. Wait for new phone to be restarted, After a Successful transfer of data.

13. After the New iPhone Restarts, wait for all the data (Apps, Photos) to load

In case you sill need clarification, you can hit the comment box and we would reply asap or watch this video about “How to Transfer All Data from an Old iPhone to a New iPhone without iTunes or iCloud” by ZolloTech.

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