How to Setup and Use Samsung SOS function for Emergency

Finding yourself in an emergency situation you need desperate help but holding a Samsung smartphone yet not knowing how to use the build in SOS function. This article takes you through the various steps to setup and use this function.

Depending on your type of device, it would take you less than 3 minutes to setup this function. When triggered, SOS will send an audio clip, a picture from both the front and back camera, as well as a Google Maps link of your location to a contact (or contacts) of your choice as it you set with. Triggering it is very discreet and requires you to press the power button three times in as fast as possible.

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Go to the [Advanced Features], and select [Send SOS messages].
  • Agree the Terms and Conditions and continue.

  • Tap on Add to add contact(s).
  • You can select recipient from your contacts or create new.

After this you are good to go but remember to send the SOS message you will have to rapid and repeatedly press on the power button three times. ones this is done the above stated details would be sent to your choosen contact(s).


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