Google Photos To Allow You Search For Text in Photos.

Google made an announcement via a tweet about some new features in their Google photos app. It is in the process of rolling out new features for its Lens platform that will let you search your Google Photos library for text that appears within photos and screenshots. This comes as part of the optical character recognition (OCR) which can pull text from any image.

Then, you’ll then be able to easily copy and paste that text into a note, document, or form. Both of the new features make use of a technique known as optical character recognition (OCR), with the copy and paste option building on Lens’ existing ability to understand and pull out the text found within photos, be it a screenshot or a photo of a physical sign or document. 

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The images below were taken as picture and screenshot afterwards,

A. Open google photos and select screenshot / photo

B. Pick “Lens” feature [image 1]

C. Highlight text [image 2]

D. Pick copy & paste where you want.

“Starting this month, we’re rolling out the ability to search your photos by the text in them,” Google wrote in response to prominent venture capitalist Hunter Walk, who noticed earlier this week that the Lens feature had been turned on for his account. “Once you find the photo you’re looking for, click the Lens button to easily copy and paste text. Take that, impossible wifi password.”

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