Face App and The 5 Thing You Should Know.

If you’re thinking about having fun with that app that ages you, well it’s all the rage but you might want to read this before you could be giving access to your personal information and a whole lot more. Everyone is obsessed with face app, which has become a sensation in just the last 24 hours. It can make you two decades older in an instant. Most celebrities have all taken the so-called face app challenge along with 80 million people worldwide.

But do they really know the potential perils? Here’s how it works. You download the free app on your smartphone then you select a photo to the alter the act gives you the option to look older or younger with remarkably realistic results.

The app seems like harmless fun but experts are now raising major red flags. Taking a look at the face app terms of service, which just a few people ever bother to read. You grant face app perpetual and irrevocable worldwide license to use, modify, publish your user content.

Β Here are 5 things you should know that part very clear in the app store or in face app’s privacy policy

1. What data do they take?

Face app CEO says the app does upload your photos and process them in the cloud. the app has access to your whole camera wall, but it only uploads the 1 image use elected. He says, you also don’t have to give face app your name or email.

2. How long do they hold on to your data?

The app’s terms of service granted a perpetual license to whatever you upload. But face app says it deletes most photos from its servers after 48 hours. I’m not sure what most means.

3. What are they doing with your data?

The app’s terms give it the right to do whatever it wants through its irrevocable non-exclusive royalty-free worldwide fully paid transferable sub licensable license. It’s theirs, only theirs, for free anywhere and forever. But face app CEO says they’re not using maps of our faces for facial identification or other purposes not related to the main creative purpose of the app.

4. Who has access to our data?

Face apps CEO says no, the Russian government does not get access to your data unless you already live in Russia, the data is never transferring there to their government.

5. How can you delete your data?

Just removing the app from your phone won’t remove what face app has stored in the cloud. You can ask face app delete what they’ve got stored but it’s a complicated process. For now, you have to go through the settings menu and report a bug with the word β€œprivacy” in the subject line.

Whether it’s for face app or any app, these are 5 questions you should ask about any service you’re going to trust with something as valuable as your face.

Raphael Amuri

Raphael Amuri is a Tech enthusiast and digital marketer. With much penchant for Android and its related devices, I basically write and talk much about them. I also have a penchant for low-cost tech that mostly competes against high-cost tech of established brands.

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