The beta version of Google OS android Q is already available as we wait for Android Pie OS. Android Q will be released to consumers sometime in the third quarter of this year, according to the company’s timeline, likely in August, if the events of the last couple of years continue.

Android Q
Android Q

Here is everything we know about Android Q so far.

According to a report from XDA Developers, this will be the use of the gesture pill.

Android  Pill Button
Android Pill Button
  • Tap pill: Go home
  • Long press pill: Launch Google Assistant
  • Short swipe up of the pill: Open horizontal recent apps overview
  • Long swipe up of the pill: App drawer
  • Slide pill to the right: Scroll through recent apps
  • Quick slide pill to the right: Open last app
  • Back button: Go back (hidden on the launcher screen

 No more back button?

Android  Pill Button
Android Pill Button

 Android Pie currently offers a gesture-based navigation system, for the most part, It looks like Google will double down on gesture controls for Android Q.  According to a report from XDA Developers, Google will do away with the years-old back button in Android, replacing it with a new gesture. To go back, you will simply need to drag the home pill button to the left a little — allowing you to quickly and easily go back.

Android Q Dark theme

Android Dark Mode
Android Dark Mode

According to an XDA Developers report, which has its hands on a leaked build Android Q. The dark mode applies to the settings menu, launcher, notification shade, and other UI elements. It’s believed that the dark mode can either be permanently enabled or automatically switched on at certain times of the day. And in a neat touch, it seems like it’s possible to force dark mode for unsupported apps.

Desktop mode

Samsung Dex
Samsung Dex

the new OS might be getting a new desktop mode just like Samsung Dex even though we are not quite sure XDA Developers noted there is an option called “forced desktop mode” which has a description that says “force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays.” XDA Developers wasn’t able to actually enable the feature, but the fact that it’s described could suggest that Google is working on it for Android Q.

Faster sharing

 Google has gotten rid of the lag that had begun to plague Android’s sharing menu. Now, developers can just specify their preferred sharing methods instead of the system building out a giant list of apps every time you want to transfer something between apps.

An emergency button in the power menu

Just like Samsung SOS messaging system where you can set your phone to send SOS messages by pressing the power button trice, Google has put a new emergency tile right in the main power menu that appears when you press and hold the Pixel’s power button.

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