Everything About The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Galaxy Note has always been Samsung do everything maximum overkill smartphone for power users. This year’s Galaxy Note is of two phones of confound and there is an interesting relationship between the two. The note 10 plus is still the do-everything phone with one exception but then note 10 is the most people type of phone. I really like it. Leaning into this boxier look, the display goes right up to the edges with almost no top or bottom bezel at all. The screen has this curve on both sides that really make it feel like almost entirely screen at super immersive especially the corners. This is a nice phone design. The Note 10 is a 6.3-inch 1080P AMOLED display and a 6.8-inch 1440 AMOLED display on the Note 10 plus.

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The other thing to note that happened with Note 10, is the camera redesign for both the selfie and rear camera. The selfie camera is now in the infinity O cut out meaning it the hole punch in the middle of the top of the phone. Mixed feelings on this but I don& hate it, it a smaller area than it was in the corner of the S10 and there usually no information in the middle of the top, so I guess it fine. Samsung didn’t even really try to hide the cut out at all compared to other phones with the hole punches that try to hide the cut out with a nice gradient wallpaper.

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The fingerprint reader to note has moved quietly up the display glass to match the Galaxy S size and design. It not all amazing with some things that they changed that aren’t so great. There is no headphone jack on the Samsung galaxy note 10, the first Samsung flagship really with no Jack. Samsung says it an issue with space for a bigger battery, but I think if you can fit an entire pen in the side of the phone you could have fit a headphone, Jack. Besides the A70 with the 4500 mAh battery has a headphone jack. This is no longer an issue of space in the phone but a constant choice that they making.

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If you have already noticed, it the beginning of the end of the headphone Jack. The headphone jack is leaving and it not coming back. Samsung will include headphones but USB type C earbuds in the Box and no dangle included. So, if you still really want to use that Jack, then you on your own. Samsung also messed with the button layout so the power button on the note 10 is now on the left side of the phone right below the volume button just like the A70 has all on the right. 

There a camera upgrade so you have probably noticed already by now the triple camera on the back. There a 12-megapixel main camera, 2X telephoto camera and ultra-wide as well. You can record a video with the ultra-wide camera, so you can get the GoPro look with this phone. Samsung also added features like live focus during video recording and improved super study shot for video, so the stabilization is great with a zoom-in feature which basically is the more you zoom in the video the more the microphone array focuses on the area in the frame.

Galaxy note has refreshed the S pen again this year with a couple of extra new features. Screen off memo has been one of the favourite notes features for a while now, but something they added in the notes is to convert your handwriting to text in the background and then indexes that text. so now if you take a note with the stylus and then want to find it later you can go up into the search in the notes app and type the word you wrote, and it shows up. Some new air actions for controlling the camera like holding the button and swiping between modes or flipping from the selfie camera to the back camera. These are all new features that the S pen holds, but you will probably need a tutorial on how to use the S pen.

The galaxy note 10 comes in an all-powerful Snapdragon 855 with an 8 GB Ram for the Note 10 and 12 GB Ram for the Note 10 plus, all running Android 9.0 (Pie) and Samsung’s One UI.

If you’re buying the phone outright, the Galaxy Note 10 price is set at price tag set at $945, that’s somewhere around Ghc 5126.63 excluding charges (Tax and import duties).

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