Everything about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks.

ahead of the Samsung Unpacked event for August 7th where the company will be announcing the Galaxy Note 10, the latest in its line of super-sized stylus-equipped smartphones. There have been leaks and renders from trusted leakers with clear images of the Galaxy 2 active and especially the Note 10.

According to Ice Universe, a leak on Underkg a Korean site shows recent pictures of the device been used in public.

Another leak mistakenly shows the capture of the iPhone XR 2019 as the Galaxy Note 10 was been captured.

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Just today, Samsung’s headphone dongle leaked ahead of the Note 10 announcement. Samsung’s upcoming 3.5mm to USB-C dongle just leaked as the final, irrefutable confirmation that Samsung will be joining the ranks of Apple, and other headphone jack-less smartphones. Nearly every other flagship phone maker in killing the headphone jack and the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 leaks show it is no exception.

image: Samsung

The photos depict a dongle that is exactly as you’d expect: there’s a USB-C jack on one end and a 3.5mm input on the other. Samsung appears to be using a sturdier, tapered connector that slopes down to the wire, instead of the more fragile step-style of reinforcement that Apple and Google use on their respective dongles according to The Verge.

Most theories have associated the iPhone’s lack of headphone jack as a plan to make the iPhone cordless in the long run. This is for Apple to adopt wireless charging in the future, which is already available in Samsung now.

So the big question is why is Samsung also going this way. We already saw the absence of the headphone jack in the Samsung Galaxy A80 which many anticipated was a way to test the market before bringing it into the Note and S series.

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