2019 Netflix Movies Most People Don’t Talk About.

Netflix is always parked with many movies from different categories but not all, make it to the lips of people in their everyday discussions. This piece looks at the list of best unpopular Netflix movies so far.

  •  the South Korean film industry is thriving and revenger is one of the most bone-shattering creative exports directed by his young 1 Lee. revenger focuses on for targets Kim you who was sentenced to life in prison on an island known only as AP101. the island is a dumping ground to keep the most violent criminals away from society and supposedly impossible to escape from. but here’s the twist you’ll isn’t trying to get out he got himself thrown into AP101 to find the men responsible for the brutal murder of his family coupled with his investigation skills.   Talented star Bruce Kahn as he takes down the bag guys one by one.
  • based on a true story solo was originally released in Spain in August 2018 and now Netflix is bringing it to International audiences.  when over awakes up hungover and depressed in his Jeep in the Canary islands all he can think about is the flight he just had with his girlfriend and his discovery that his close friend Melo is leaving him behind the move to Canada he decides to grab his surfboard and catch a few waves to get his mind off everything. on his way down to the beach, he falls and slides down the cliffs into the water crashing against the rocks below he hits his head and begins hallucinating reflecting on his life and his relationships as he struggles to keep breathing. in solo, the gorgeous setting of the Canary islands suddenly becomes foreboding and dangerous. solo is the kind of film that prompts you to consider what would run through your mind if you are fighting for survival it’s not an easy watch but one that will stay with you.
  • Not only is lion heart the first Nigerian Netflix original, but it’s also Nigerian superstar Genevieve nineties directorial debut and she just so happens to be the star of the film as well. In order to save her father’s ailing bus company, competent but perennially overlooked Adaeze must find a way to work alongside feckless uncle Godswill, in the sharp and comically observed directorial debut from Nollywood star Genevieve Nnaji. Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji returns to TIFF, this time behind the camera with a directorial debut that puts a new spin on the old adage “family and business don’t mix.” Nnaji plays Adaeze, a level-headed executive in her father’s bus company, Lionheart Transport. Time and again, Adaeze has proven her keen ability to make a profit and to manage the most heated situations. But when her father (stalwart star Pete Edochie) falls ill, both she and her rival (Kalu Egbui Ikeagwu, boosting the marquee cast) are passed over in favor of Adaeze’s less-than-suave uncle, Godswill (Nkem Owoh, who lights up the screen with his comic presence). Determined to fight her way to the top, but not wanting to go against her father’s wishes, Adaeze feels like the proverbial bus has left the station without her. She must quickly shift gears, however, when she and Godswill discover that Lionheart is running on fumes, financially. Together, the unlikely duo must come together to save the company and their family name. Sharply and comically observed, Nnaji’s film deals with the everyday sexism that saturates workplaces everywhere, and captures the delicate balance between honoring one’s family while finding the courage to strike out on one’s own.
  • Kingdom is another solid Netflix original out of South Korea adapted from the Webcomic series Kingdom of the goths. this John revenging series pulls its inspiration from both historical fiction and creepy zombie flicks, to create a fresh and exciting storyline. when a dead king comes back to life his Resurrection seems to be the catalyst for a plague of mysterious origins. To save the Kingdom the Crown Prince must accept that the fight for their survival is now his burden to bear Royal politics and supernatural threats both apply for the center stage. this visually stunning series has only 6 episodes and easy to watch in a single weekend which is ideal because once you hit play you won’t want to get up until you watch the season finale and here’s the good news season 2 started production in early 2019
  • close is based on the life of famous bodyguard Jacky Davis who once worked for none other than Harry Potter author JK Rowling. directed by Vicky Jewson, the film stars new me repost as Sam highly-skilled bodyguard who can make it out of any dangerous situation. unscathed Sam ends up being assigned to protect spoiled and naive teenage, Zoe Tanner who is set to inherit the wealth from her father’s mining company. the two head to Morocco where Zoe will supposedly be staying at a high-security compound to ensure her safety. They quickly find themselves under attack and Sam decides that being a protector isn’t enough, it’s her responsibility to teach Zoe how to fight back and figure out exactly who’s coming after her.

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  • You’re probably already familiar with Chiwetel Ejiofor from his work as an Actor and impressive filmography that includes prestigious dramas like children of men and blockbusters like doctor strange. not only does the boy who harnessed the wind mark his feature directorial debut, but he also wrote the script and appears as the father of the young protagonist. the film is based on the real-life of William Kamkwamba and the memoir that detailed his incredible achievements as a young boy growing up in a small village in Malawi. curious and inventive, William is banned from attending school when his parents can no longer pay the fees. His science teacher, however, continues teaching him and allowing him to use the library. when his village suffers from a long drought that results in famines, William must put his skills to good use to create a windmill that will power an electric water pump. there are no surprising twists or turns, it’s a straightforward story that leads to a conclusion you’ll probably see coming, but William’s real-life grit and ingenuity are truly inspiring.
  • if you’re looking for another unsettling side by series of the same feel like a black mirror, osmosis will be right up your alley. This French series explores a future in which people can use an innovative new dating app to find their soul mate but it’s not as simple as swiping right. Instead, the service mind data from the user’s brain. on the surface, it actually seems pretty innocent at first, after all, if you could find the one with perfect accuracy without having a navigate the complicated landscape of modern dating you probably be tempted to give it a shot.  Naturally, there are some unintended consequences as the developers behind the service warn the participants, every experiment has a margin of error. while the idea behind the series isn’t exactly groundbreaking the story itself is engaging and suspenseful and the future is virtual reality.
  • when it comes to sheer intensity black summer is a step up from classic zombie films. in the series, the undead isn’t lumbering around aimlessly, they’re fast, they’re hungry and they’re done right terrifying. in the days following the onset of a zombie apocalypse, a group of desperation strangers gathers together hoping strength and numbers would increase their chance of survival. This sounds like the beginning of any story about the collapse of societies. black summer is relentless and showcasing the full extent of the ensuing violence, the characters don’t get a moment to breathe and neither does the viewer. be prepared for nauseating Gore and plenty of jumps scares.
  • Even if you only skimmed Lord of the Flies in high school, you’d probably remember the basic plot.” A group of boys get stranded on an island and attempt to organize their own Mini society until help arrives but it devolves into chaos and tragedy.”  that’s also the storyline in the series the society, but this modern take on the dilemma from the classic novel doesn’t feel like a mere rehash with electricity and phones. when students returned from a school trip to find that everyone in the town has vanished and the community is now surrounded by impenetrable forest, they quickly realized that their ill-equipped to handle what comes next. although teenagers are the audience most likely to find the characters relatable, you don’t have to be a high school student to appreciate the ensemble cast and realistic take on adolescent conflict against an apocalyptic backdrop. From the 1st episode, viewers are sure to find themselves gripped by the mystery, “is the town at the center of some grand experiment or have they slipped into a parallel universe”.

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