Apple Opens up it’s Device Repair Program.

Apple has finally opened up its device repair program, just a little. Two days ago, Apple announced the independent repair provided Program. An initiative designed for companies interested in offering out of warranty repair services for iPhones. If they agree to the terms, 3rd party repair businesses can get the same Apple certified parts, training and resources as Apple Authorized Service Providers or AASPs.

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Repair shops can apply for free and receive free training on how to perform repairs but unlike AASPs, independent repair shops will not be compensated for labour or part and won’t be listed on Apple locator and may not have access to Apple’s various diagnostic and repair utilities.

While this is a move in the right direction for them, it doesn’t address the concerns of the right to repair movement whose appearance want to be able to repair their own devices without getting warnings in iOS that their battery is super sketchy and might explode if you don’t bring it to an AASP.

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