Apple Event 2019 Summary.

Since everyone wants to know what Apple repeate released for 2019 but read a little, here is a summery of today’s Apple event.

iPhone just went through the new change and that’s a triple camera technology. Telephoto, wide and ultra wide. It has the highest quality video on any smartphone ever as claimed. With the super retina XDR display and spatial audio. An a 13 chip and battery life up to 5 hours longer. That’s for the iphone 11 pro.

And there’s another iphone, the dual camera iphone 11 . Takes clearer photos in the dark, take slow Mo selfies and it’s blazing fast. I privacy Built-in

Next up, Apple watch series 5. Mainly to check time, it has as an always on retina display. Takes phone calls, counts steps or swim strokes and communications satellites 😂. It also streams 50 million songs and has an app that can take an ECG and apparently tells time.

About the new iPad’s, bigger display and it’s two times faster than the best selling pc.

Apple TV plus also comes with a whole lot coming on it all included for a year with new products.

So go to the website. When you get there, slow your scroll, take a breath and check your heart rate.

Keep checking here for a full piece on the whole event. 😉

Black Chinese

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