Apple ends contractors listening to Siri recordings but will offer opt-out later.

Apple admitted that its workers can listen to what you say to Siri on your phone, watch or your iPad even in your car. This comes after an anonymous whistleblower reportedly told The Guardian newspaper that human contractors listen to recordings of some conversations while they work to improve Siri’s ability to understand you.

Apple contractors have reportedly overheard confidential chatter about medical information, drug deals and even intimate moments according to the whistleblower. Apple did not deny the allegations but also emphasized that only a very small random subset, less than 1% of daily Siri utterances are used for analysis’s and that Siri recordings are not attached to your Apple user name. Adding, Siri responses are analyzed in secure facilities and all reviewers are under the obligation to adhere to apple’s strict confidentiality requirements.

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Apple has long touted privacy as a key difference between its products and the competition. Amazon’s echo has also come under fire to off both the weather and Thiago. This year Google and Amazon also allow employers to sample conversations in order to quality check their voice assistance but they both allow you to review and delete the recordings and Amazon lets you opt-out now. Apple says it stopping the program while it conducts a thorough were view and also said that users will be able to opt-out of the quality checks in a future software update.

The privacy concerns are expected to grow as smart speakers become more popular by 2023 and estimated half a billion smart speakers will be up and running.

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