Android Os vs iOS. Why Android is Better than iOS.

In this piece , it is the Android Os vs iOS. We will be comparing what Google’s Android does better than Apple’s iOS. There will be another piece about what iOS does better than Android.

After comparing the Android Os vs iOS OS over time, the main takeaway, I have gotten is that I feel there are more things that Android does better than iOS, however, the things that iOS does better at are a little bit more significant. This is almost a quality versus quantity type of comparison, but overall they are very close in terms of which one.

Google Assistant Over Siri

This is an argument most people can agree upon. Google Assistant is way better than Siri at the moment. The number of times that Siri has given users inaccurate information because it has not understood what the user is asking her has happened too many times. The Google Assistant has been more accurate and has just way more useful features to it for my need.

Incoming Calls

When you are on an iPhone no matter what app you’re in, no matter what you’re doing, if you get an incoming call it takes up your entire display which is so infuriating to usage. it interrupts whatever you’re doing and you just go have to go ahead answer or reject the call. Android has done this better for a while now, it just has a quick little drop down, it does not take up an interrupt what you’re doing on your phone. Apple has not fixed it in iOS yet so Android is better than iOS with incoming call screen.

Open Source Platform

Something else is that Android is an open-source platform so that allows multiple. Manufacturers to take the operating system and manufacture a phone for it which gives consumers a ton more options in the hardware space which is fantastic Don’t get me wrong there are some downsides to having it as open-source software.

There are complications it can bring but in terms of the benefits, there are multiple benefits, first of all, tons more choice with Android you can go with Samsung LG 1 plus you name it Google there’s just a ton of different companies that make phones.

Android Phones
Android Phones

This also offers you the option to get some of the newer hardware first. You can have better displays, for example, you have a higher refresh rate on some of the Android phone displays now. Apple is still on 60 Hertz with some of their phones, but of course, that also contributes to the number of Android phones out there how many different companies can make phones as opposed to Apple just being the one company.

So again, it’s a benefit but this is something that actually comes out of that benefit you can have foldable phones. Android being open-sourced and other manufacturers taking it on, they can just go ahead and make a foldable phone and slap Android in there.

Android Foldable Phones
Android Foldable Phones

With Android, different phones have different camera technologies, photo processing, you have in-display fingerprint scanners just multiple hardware options that you can go with it from different companies. And then with Android being open source, there’s a lot more customization that’s just to go with it. More customization, you can have different home screen launchers, if you just want all apps on your home screen or you want an app drawer.

Android Home-screen Customization
Android Home-screen Customization

And along with customizing Android, each manufacturer can have its own Skin over stock Android to add in features that Google is leaving out. There are some things that iOS does better than stock Android however, there are things that Samsung has implemented to compete with iOS.

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Always On Display

This next feature is something that might be more of personal opinion because I do know some people don’t actually use this but that is the always-on display. It shows some notification icons, Time, and some customization, especially for Samsung. It is really valuable to me but not available on iOS, they don’t have the always-on display and that’s something that I really hope Apple pushes in the near future.

Android Always on Display
Android Always on Display

Suggested Apps From Notifications

This one’s fairly recent but with Android, when you get a specific link, you get a phone number or you get an address, it gives suggested apps to open up such links. If it recognizes what it is and you can open it back up that is not an option on iOS.

Notification Management

Notification management is also a big one for many users and in my opinion, Android does it better. Android shows notification icons of each app the notification is coming from on top of the screen compared to iOS’s solution with a numbered bubble in the corner of the app. It is very easy to seen the notifications you have on Android by just looking up the screen compared to having to go home on iOS to view your notification. A drag down of the screen on Android even eases it more.

Ringer And Alerts Volumes

On Android, you have separate ring volume and alarm volume unlike on iOS where IOS ringer and alerts volume are tied together. So if you want a loud alarm and a low ring you can’t have it. You have to have them equal. So if I don’t need a ringtone but want an alarm, I can’t have that on iOS except on my Android.

In-App Settings

There is a lack of settings within system applications in iOS, not just camera but SMS, phone, FaceTime, any of the system applications. Within the camera, they have added a couple eg. In the video, you can switch it from 4K 30, you can go to HD 30, 4K 60, HD 60, but that’s about it in terms of settings. If you want to actually change a lot of settings within the camera application, there’s no settings button. You have to go home, you have to go into settings you have to scroll down and then go ahead and find camera to initiate your settings.

Unlike iOS, All Android apps have an in-app setting shortcut to make the necessary changes you want.

There are many other factors that would count in Android Os vs iOS for Android like better multitasking, NFC, Type C ports, better wireless and reverse wireless charging, and more.

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