8 Ways On How to Secure your Zoom Meetings.

We’d like to help you have more secure online meetings. There are some settings that are not on by default within zoom. We’d like to show you some of them that’ll help you ensure your zoom rooms are as secure as possible.

First, make sure that participant video is turned off on default when someone joined your meeting.

That way if someone does get into your zoom room, they can’t automatically show content you might not want them to show.

Next, make sure that only authenticated users can join your meetings. This will require users to have a zoom account that adds that extra layer of security.

Next, you can require a password when you’re setting up a meeting.

If you do that and you choose to have embedded passwords in meeting links, make sure you’re not saving those links or sharing those links on social networks or in public forums, otherwise, you’re exposing that password.

Next, you can mute participants on entry that way if someone does get in and you notice them you can boot them from the meeting. Prior to them saying anything.

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Next, you’ll want to turn off chat. There have been instances where links are shared via chat and you wouldn’t want a malicious link to malware site being shared within your zoom meeting. Obviously, some people want to keep chats open. Be aware that this is a risk.

Next, play a sound when participants join or leave your meeting so that you can determine whether or not that attendee should actually be there.

Next, you’ll want to turn off file transfer. Zoom is not the best way to share files. There is no anti-virus. If you’re going to share a file you may want to do that through an email program or another way that’s more secure.

Next, you’ll want to ensure that screen sharing is set up so the only hosts can share their screen and you may want to disabled desktop or screen share for users just to make sure your room is locked down.

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